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Renaissance Integrative Health Coaching

Partnership for Lasting Lifestyle Change

Are you ready for a new beginning?

Meet Eve

Certified Health Coach & 

Holistic Consultant

I am delighted to be in a position to help you achieve your best health! My background and experience in conventional and alternative healthcare uniquely qualify me to do just that. 


I also know how difficult it can be to make lifestyle changes even when the prize is improved health. Having a partner who deeply listens to your concerns, supports you in your efforts to change, promotes awareness and insight, offers resources and education, and acknowledges successes can make the difference between another failed attempt and lasting lifestyle change!

I look forward to working with you.



What is Integrative Health Coaching?

Client Centered approach to bridge the gap between current state of health and where you'd like to be.
Focuses on the whole person (mind, body and spirit) in the context of community.
clients to make lasting lifestyle changes.
A structured, 
partnership between the client and coach.
 An effective  method for the client to develop and realize his/her 
vision of 
optimal health through appreciative inquiry, personal discovery, and accountability.

Your best health is within reach...

What Others are Saying

"I am thankful for the time and knowledge Eve shared with me in my journey towards learning 'true forgiveness' through our sessions together. 


I no longer have those adrenaline-rushed pains in my belly when I think about how I've been wronged in my life.  I now know that we need to forgive others as much as we need to be forgiven.  Being accountable for our own faults and failures is important in healing from the effects of others' faults and failures


God sent Eve to me at the exact moment I needed her in my life's journey and I thank God for her and the work she did with me."

-Pam, Illinois

“Eve’s exceptional coaching style, careful insight, and supportive approach took me from a place of zero-quality introspection on my journey to decide whether to switch careers, to a place of multiple ‘aha’ moments and renewed clarity as to the best career fit for me at present.

Her patience, compassionate coming-alongside, and nurturing nature were the sturdy rails along the mental and emotional roadway that I needed to follow, in order to make some important new decisions.

It was a joy to work with Eve and I will always be grateful to her for her sweet support, deep wisdom, and her ability to teach me to trust my self-understanding. She has an important gift to offer and I know that those who are fortunate enough to have her come alongside them as a coach, will be very blessed indeed!"

- Monica, New York

"My coaching experience with Eve was the first time I had worked with someone virtually for my personal care, and I honestly was not expecting it to feel personal.


Working with Eve on identifying the spaces in my life where I needed better self-care was just like talking to my close friends or my doctor I’ve been with for a number of years.


The assessment tools were a great starting point for our time together but did not feel like limits on our working relationship.


And while I didn’t accomplish exactly what I initially intended, I was able to modify my game plan with Eve’s support. I would absolutely do this again!"

- Tina, Georgia

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